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Based in Colombia, currently traveling in Egypt. With a career spanning over a decade in the tech industry, my journey has been marked by a deep commitment to web application development and project management.

Throughout my career, I have significantly contributed to diverse projects, ranging from developing innovative software solutions for educational institutions to enhancing audit processes for government programs. My technical expertise is solidified through my proficiency in technologies like PHP, Laravel, and Kafka, which is further evidenced by my professional certifications in web development.

A central aspect of my professional expertise lies in my mastery of event-driven architectures and systems. This specialization allows me to develop responsive, scalable, and efficient applications, crucial for real-time data processing and decision-making across various sectors.

In my leadership roles, I have consistently guided teams to optimize system performance and achieve ambitious project goals. Operating in the dynamic spheres of tech and business development, my approach is always results-driven, marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and professional growth.